Our manuscript reading periods will operate as follows:

Summer (July & August): Prose & Prose-like Manuscripts
- July 1-7: fee-free open reading period
- July 8-August 31: $22 donation period

Winter (December & January): Poetry & Hybrid Manuscripts
- December 1-7: fee-free open reading period
- December 8-January 30: $22 donation period
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$5.00 - 100.00
$5.00 - 100.00
Tinderbox Editions has hit the pavement running. We have five books for 2016, and five for 2017, including a lyric essay anthology, and books by Laynie Browne, Judy Jordan, and BK Fischer. We've become an established nonprofit, but it takes three years before we qualify from some of the area grants; in the meantime, we're seeking donations and funding from many sources. This is one way you can help us, by making a donation to get these beautiful books into the world. The more money we can raise, the bigger the catalog we can bring to readers. Every penny we raise goes into the press, and we appreciate all the help we can get. Thank you.

Thank you for considering Tinderbox as home for your manuscript!

Thank you for considering Tinderbox as home for your manuscript!

This is not a contest. There is no formal reading fee, though you've happened upon the page that allows for donations. The donation is important to us to be able to establish print runs, but we know what it's like to not be able to pony up the fee for contests. We have a fee-free option the first week of our reading period.

:: We will not be reading blind. You can include any personal information on the ms. or leave it off.

:: Because this is an open reading period, it is not guaranteed that we will publish anything from these submissions; it also could mean more than one manuscript will be selected for publication.

:: Publication will come with a standard contract.

:: There are no page limits, though do know we aren't a chapbook publisher.

:: We encourage you to simultaneously submit. We don't plan to sit on manuscripts long, but we do know placing a book is a long and difficult process. We don't want to keep your book in a holding pattern.

:: I will read every manuscript, and I will also include a team of smart volunteer readers. These readers can help see something I might have originally missed and allow for a second closer look.

:: Please only submit one manuscript during this reading period. We'll read again for this genre next summer, and we'll read for poetry collections in the winter.

Our tastes range from Eula Biss to Roxane Gay to Leslie Jamsion. Claudia Rankine to Maggie Nelson to Joni Tevis. Sarah Manguso to Jo Ann Beard to the work in Brevity. Have you read Opal C McCarthy's pamphlet Surge? Sarah Vap's End of the Sentimental Journey? So much good work out there: maybe yours is next.

As always, thank you for trusting us with your work. I'm looking forward to reading each manuscript. Finding new voices that deserve to be heard is one of the greatest pleasures of being an editor; getting to promote and be a home for those voices is even better.

Tinderbox Editions